Advanced Placement Information
Why Take Advanced Placement Courses at Cornerstone Charter Academy?
Advance Placement Program (AP) courses at Cornerstone Charter Academy give you a head start on college while you’re still in the supportive environment of a high school classroom. Taking the end-of-course AP exam sends a powerful message to colleges and universities that you’re ready for them, and can enable you to gain admission, college credit, and placement into advanced courses. The intensity of college exams catches far too many freshmen by surprise. Taking the AP Exams will put you a step ahead, and give you a clear understanding of what you need to succeed on a college exam.

Students who participate in AP are ultimately given the responsibility to reason, analyze, and understand for themselves. Studies show that those participating in the AP program are much more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree in four years or less. Most of the nation’s colleges and universities and 30 other countries around the world, grant students credit, placement, or both, for qualifying AP Exam grades. The AP Exams provide college and universities with additional information about your ability to succeed in college-level study. Many colleges also use AP Exam grades to place students into honors classes.

Some college give credit for a qualifying AP Exam grade means you actually earn points/hours toward your college degree. Others award “advanced placement” which means you can skip introductory courses, enter higher-level classes, and/or fulfill general education requirements. Many colleges and universities offer both credit and placement. College credit or placement increases your options. They can also allow you to move into upper-level courses sooner, pursue a double major or combined B.A./M.A. program, and gain time to study and travel abroad.
Valuable honors courses are offered at Cornerstone Charter Academy, but AP courses are the only ones actually designed by teams of college professors, who work alongside expert secondary school teachers. College faculty participate in the scoring of the AP Exam taken at the end of each course, comparing your scores to their own college students, verifying your mastery of the same level of curriculum. The AP Program offers a portfolio of courses and examinations that are developed by committees of college professors from dozens of U.S. colleges and experienced AP high school teachers throughout the world.
For more information on AP courses visit  www.collegeboard.org

College Board AP Info

AP Classes offered at CCA for 2019-202

AP Human Geography
AP US History
AP US Government
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Psychology
AP Biology
AP Environmental Science
AP English Literature
AP English Language and Composition
AP Art 2D
AP Statistics
AP World History
AP Art History (virtual)